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Wat zijn de beste hotels in Kortrijk?

The Belgian Kortrijk (or Courtrai in French) Located near the French border and is a small town with about 75,000 inhabitants. Although it is not a big city, being situated in a so-called Euro District. The fact is with the great French neighbor Lille an important part of Europe. The position of the city therefore still plays a role betekenis.Ook for tourists who are looking for a fun and historic town in the border region, Kortrijk is a good candidate. A good hotel Kortrijk is not hard to find.
A brief history of Kortrijk
The history of the city dates back hundreds of years. Indeed, it is one of the oldest cities of Belgium. According to the history the city already existed in the first century after Christ. It used to include part of the Roman Empire. The city has survived several wars and the historic city has remained largely intact. Some parts are also protected and are on the UNESCO World Heritage list.
The best hotels and recreational places in Kortrijk
Due to the heritage status of Kortrijk and the international character of the city there are many hotels. To give you the ropes, we set below two of the best hotels in Kortrijk (Courtrai) in a row. This involves the following hotels in Kortrijk: the Broel and Bed & Breakfast OYO.
This luxurious four star hotel is in our opinion one of the better hotels in Kortrijk to be found there. The hotel is directly opposite Broeltorens a landmark in Kortrijk from the Middle Ages which are under protection. It offers a lot of advantages at a very reasonable price. To begin Broel is within walking distance of the historic city of Kortrijk. Therefore, you can visit on foot all the attractions of the past. The hotel has sixty fully equipped rooms at its disposal. Do you have a business meeting scheduled? Then you can simply go to one of the six meeting rooms that can Broel rich. There you can meet in peace with your colleagues or clients.
This hotel in Kortrijk is also famous for its luxury it offers compared to other hotels. They have access to a charming lounge bar and the famed Bistro Broel. The terrace of Sandton is located on the banks of the river that runs through Kortrijk, namely Lys. Because of its location near the Broeltorens, you have a unique view. In addition, you can count in this hotel swimming pool and sauna, and there has recently opened its own parking, where for a small fee your parking. All in all this is an absolute must if you go to Kortrijk.
No hotel, but definitely worth mentioning is Bed & Breakfast OYO. This B & B is centrally located in Kortrijk, close to the railway station of the city and the Main Market. It offers nice cozy rooms at a very reasonable price. The reviews on the Internet do not lie: this B & B is worth trying if you are staying in Kortrijk.
Rooms at B & B OYO be equipped. For example, you have access to a cable TV, private sitting area, private bathroom and toilet and shower free stuff. Of course, a delicious breakfast in the morning are not lacking. The breakfast is made of only fresh products and is perfectly called healthy.
Besides the fact that this B & B is located near the historic center of Kortrijk, there are also other day trips possible. The town of Ypres for instance be reached within twenty minutes. Next is a ten minute walk from shopping K. Here you can get all your supplies. Other trips are possible due to the fact that it is possible to rent bicycles. So you can simply pull the surroundings. Want to enjoy the sun on the terrace? Then you can choose to use to hire its own library and a book. What do you think, are at B & B OYO you in the right place.
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